4 reasons why we love Spekboom

Gold Coast Estate embodies the essence of a family lifestyle that thrives in an open, outdoor setting. With 180-degree sea views, this development promotes the growth and preservation of the natural environment. In efforts to maintain this, one of South Africa’s most popular plants, Portulacaria afra, affectionately known as Spekboom, is one of Gold Coast Estate’s latest additions to the landscape.

Promoting biodiversity and an extensive eco-system, we look at some of the benefits of Spekboom.

Beautiful once in bloom 

If you’re unfamiliar with this versatile shrub, you might not be aware that the Spekboom produces flowers. Over the period of spring and summer, this plant flowers vibrant rosy blooms that cover the plant in a burst of vibrant pink after a good shower of rain. These flowers attract a range of birds and bees that delight in its sweet nectar.

Fight climate change and air pollution

Spekboom is truly a magnificent plant that assists with climate change. Helping the fight against air pollution through absorbing carbon-dioxide from the air resulting in improved air quality and reduced carbon emissions. Through the absorption of this carbon dioxide, the process creates more plant tissue and produces more oxygen.

Low maintenance

As a low maintenance plant, Spekboom requires as little as 250 – 350mm of water to survive. The internal makeup allows this plant to survive in rough conditions and adapt to its surroundings and helps prevent soil erosion.

Long life

An age-old plant, Spekboom can survive up to 200 years old and grow up to 5m tall. As an adaptable shrub, it can be molded to your liking, spread out as a hedge, or kept as a small to medium size plant in a pot.

The team behind Gold Coast Estate are conscious about carbon emissions and know that having this unique plant interwoven into the landscape will create a healthy lifestyle and environment for residents and the holistic Sibaya Coastal Precinct.

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