Get clever about climate change

2020 is the year to get active about climate change which can be as simple as adding a few clever gadgets to your home to help reduce your water and power consumption.

Technology allows us to take the best ideas and implement them in our homes in order to become more consumption-conscious and energy-wise. Here we introduce home gadgets and devices to help you live better and thrive while also reducing your household energy use.

Most of us prefer to shower rather than bathe nowadays, and although showers are generally better than baths by way of water demands, they too can use a lot more water than necessary. The first thing to do is get your plumber to set your geyser thermostat to a reasonable temperature. Durban is generally pretty warm so start with 55 degrees Celsius and adjust bit by bit if you need to. Secondly, consider using or installing a shower timer- a very simple solution which looks like a stopwatch with a countdown timer that beeps when finished. Try go military style and aim for a 4-minute wash-down. You could also change your shower head without comprising on water pressure; there are many shower heads on the market which allow for adequate pressure but less water.

A woman’s best friend?
If you’re female, it’s likely you’ve used some sort of heat hairstyling device. You’ve also probably left the house on several occasions and wondered if you actually turned it off. Enter the Wi-Fi plug. This device plugs in and allows you, via an app, to turn off your home appliances wherever you are. This will help you become much more aware of what appliances you really do use the most.

Let’s get down to business
Toilets use a lot of water, up to 27 litres per flush and the old wisdom of leave liquids and flush solids just doesn’t fly in today’s world. Some clever folks have now invented a smart loo, yes, smart. This loo senses what you have deposited in the bowl and uses the appropriate volume of water to get rid of the stuff. It can also open and close the lid automatically for those days when you literally don’t want to lift a finger, or lid, that is.

By designing a bespoke home, you’re able to curate your household to suit your lifestyle and also to help you to be more energy-wise in everyday life.

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