KZN pioneering gated estate living

Over the last 10 years, South Africa has led the way for residential gated estates on a global level. With the range of coastal, country and city-based estates, these opportunities have provided purchasers with a range of living benefits Including premium security and onsite facilities for families. In line with the increased development of secure, gated estates, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct has emerged and grown into a revolutionary location, presenting a mixed-use environment ideal for all. This precinct now breaks the mould of the traditional cities we know, and instead forges a new path to be a holistically planned, well curated, modern and inclusive city of the future.

Durban is in the midst of a massive growth phase, especially in the property sector. New developments are being designed and built, while existing areas are being modified to answer to our changing needs, and the foundations for new roads are being laid. One such area, which can be argued as the paradigm of growth and development, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, offers a glimpse into how this is being done.

Giving precedence to pedestrians in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is not just an idea, it is a reality. Running the length and breadth of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is a new dedicated road, the Heleza Boulevard. This thoroughfare was built to connect all the facets of the precinct together and to provide ultimate connectivity. This Intelligent and mindful design means the Heleza Boulevard caters to vehicles and pedestrians alike. What takes the concept of connectivity to the next level is that a dedicated Sibaya Coastal Precinct shuttle will be provided to aid in the movement of people to the various destinations within the precinct. The ultimate aim of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and the Heleza Boulevard to create a pedestrian-friendly, people-centric place where connectivity in all aspects is realised and the new road is one of the tangible ways in which this is being made a reality.

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