5 Best playgrounds in the world

Playgrounds have evolved since their first appearances in the 1800’s. From open park areas to indoor wonders, playgrounds help enhance children’s physical activity which includes building core strength, developing motor skills and increasing flexibility and balance.  Additionally, these creative structures help children develop emotionally, while building self-confidence and increasing positive social interaction. With these various benefits, playgrounds are now a significant part of childhood development and a key facility within Gold Coast Estate. While we have created a safe and fun environment for our resident kids to enjoy, we take a look at some of the most innovative concepts around the world.

City Museum

The awe-aspiring City Museum comprises a mixture of children’s playgrounds and funhouses, situated in Missouri, United States. Crafted by Bob Cassilly, a classically trained sculptor, the museum opened its doors in 1997. Hosting 4 floors of unique art collections and winding walkways with various eccentric elements like a tree house which leads into a giant hollowed-out tree on the first floor. The true highlight of the City Museum is MonstroCity, showcasing 2 Sabreliner 40 aircraft bodies made of slinky tunnels.

Hakone Open Air Museum

As Japan’s first Open Air Museum, this park is situated South of Tokyo. While the museum is home to 5-indoor exhibitions, it is also famous for its net forest designed by artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. Children that are 12 and under may climb through and bounce the colourful rope structure.

Gathering Place

Packed with tons of exciting activities within this dynamic park, Gathering Place showcases a family-friendly environment that has everything from water sports in the splash playground to child-friendly areas like the Chapman Adventure Playground. In 2019, the Gathering Place made it onto Time Magazine’s list of The World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2019 and National Geographic’s list of 12 Mind-Bending Playgrounds Around the World.

Nature’s Playground

A Copenhagen delight, this playground is positioned within the Valbyparken park which is one of the largest playgrounds in the country. The 25000m² park is a manned playground that offers a range of outdoor facilities like climbing trees, tennis courts, and a campfire site. The most unique element of this park and playground are the willow houses that are surrounded by wattle fences that guide through to a snail-shaped earthwork leading to a great lookout point.

Blaxland Riverside Park in Sydney, Australia

Known as one the largest playgrounds in the world, Blaxland Riverside Park in Sydney in Australia is home to the ultimate children’s playground. Hosting tunnel slides, scramble wall and a multi-level tree house, the park presents the perfect environment for families.

Choose luxury living that hosts expansive outdoor spaces for your children and their growing imaginations. Gold Coast Estate is home to world-class amenities and jungle gyms that encourage social interaction and physical activity in an energetic environment suited to all families.

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