Secure a multi-generational estate lifestyle

Launched In 2019, Parc provided homebuyers with a unique opportunity to purchase within the esteemed Gold Coast Estate. With more than 80% of the units sold out, this offering has proven to be the ideal solution for the market’s demand for lock-up-and-go living within a multi-generational estate.

Knowing the market is one of Devmco Group’s guiding principles and as Developer, Charles Thompson describes it, one of the key ingredients in the recipe for success. He explains, “I think some developers get ahead of themselves and like to think they really know the market when they haven’t taken time, not only to do research, but just to listen. That is invaluable!”

Parc has attracted a broad spectrum of buyer and has organically created a multi-generational community- something which fits well with the lifestyle Gold Coast Estate seeks to create. Thompson shares, “We have buyers of retirement age who are after a smaller home where they can have their pets and also have their own patch of lawn while knowing that their kids and grandkids are close by in their own family home within Gold Coast Estate. Conversely, we have older well-established couples who have bought Parc for their children; and also investors who have perhaps purchased for their 20-something-year-old kids who see the long term value of an estate acquisition.”

Gold Coast Estate is one of Devmco’s and Sibaya’s amazing success stories. Although Gold Coast is not their first development, it is the first development of this kind developed by Devmco. Pitched at a higher price point with the option to select and build one of five bespoke home types, Gold Coast Estate was exceptionally successful-surprising in a market which is thought to be depressed. Devmco’s brag book includes OceanDune, Pebble Beach, Gold Coast Estate and now Parc and to be able to demonstrate the ability to deliver on promises is greatly valuable and Devmco have put their money where their mouth is, as Thompson explains, “Parc is now up to roof height; buyers can literally see the development coming out of the ground. Gold Coast Estate is also well on its way which helps our buyers to get an idea of what the greater estate will become. We are not asking people to sign sale agreements when all they can see is red sand, they can see that we are delivering what we promise and that we too, are invested in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and the greater vision.”

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