Ask any professional what they want from their career and you’ll almost always get the same answer: success. Work hard, get rewarded and find fulfilment in a job that matters. But, for many, such ambitious goals come hand-in-hand with burnout. What if you could be successful without compromising on your physical, mental, relational and emotional health?

Why is work-life balance important?
Doesn’t it feel as though Monday’s alarm always comes too soon. Although you left your desk at 5pm on Friday, you didn’t truly unplug from the office. Maybe you checked your emails on your smartphone, logged in to finish one last report, or mulled over a tricky problem you’re trying to overcome. It’s easy to be constantly ‘on’ and tuned into our work, whether we’re mindful of it or not.

A recent study in the US surveyed 1,500 workers and found that:

● More than half of respondents feel burned out
● 67% believe burnout and workplace stress worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic
● Nearly 40% check emails outside of regular work hours every day
● 53% of office workers find it difficult to unplug from work during off-hours

When ‘real life’ is interrupted by our work and we don’t feel in control of our time, it can make it difficult to cope with the day-to-day grind. More tired, less motivated or struggling to stay focused. Instead of hovering at the edge of a burnout, wouldn’t it be easier if we created lifestyles that promoted balance?

The evolution of remote working
While remote working was a rarity a decade ago, today it is considered a normal part of office politics. In fact, with the right mix of flexibility and boundaries, working from home can be the remote working strategy that helps you find a happy medium between work and play.

Advances in teleconferencing technology and the rise of ‘digital nomads’ no doubt have had a huge part to play in the global trend of employee flexibility. But in South Africa, where the workplace is still very traditional in many ways, it was the Covid-19 pandemic that was the real catalyst for meaningful change.

After more than two years of lockdowns and gathering restrictions, only one third of middle-class South African workers have returned to the office full-time having spent considerable time acclimatising to working at home, in cafes or simply on-the-go. This ‘exodus’ is evident in office vacancy rates too. According to the South African Property Owners Association, workplaces are emptier than ever before as bosses strive to accommodate employees who want the freedom to choose where and how they ‘clock in’.

What are the benefits of remote working?
The greatest gift remote working gives to employees is the ability to manage their own time on their terms. Benefits include:

● More autonomy and flexibility in day-to-day scheduling
● Less time and money wasted on commuting
● Increased motivation and productivity

It goes without saying that there are benefits to office working too, including strong relationships with colleagues and a greater connection to the common goal, purpose or brand values. For this reason, many consider a hybrid approach that blends working in the office and remotely.

How to strike a balance at Gold Coast Estate
The South African property market is in the unique position to offer homeowners properties that cater for remote working. Luxury gated estates – like those found up and down KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast – are a popular choice for those seeking a lifestyle of convenience and ease. Gold Coast Estate in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is one such option.

Business facilities within the estate for the exclusive use of residents give professionals the freedom and flexibility to work easily without leaving the estate. Gold Coast Estate has an integrated business suite within its Executive Lounge which provides a boardroom and office space equipped with fibre-optic teleconferencing facilities.

And, to ward off burnout, this estate has a wide range of lifestyle amenities. Imagine starting your day with a leisurely walk to the business suite, then taking a coffee break and lunch at the Clubhouse before your business meeting. After an afternoon at your desk, end off the day with a swim in the 25-metre lap pool and still be home in time to have dinner with your family.

Other Gold Coast Estate lifestyle offerings to help you achieve the perfect work-life balance include:

● A state-of-the-art sports facility that features a high-altitude training room, recreational studio, tennis and squash courts, running and cycling paths, and a private gym
● Central forest park area, kids’ play areas, and direct access to the Umdloti Beach walkways
● Wine cellar and cigar bar
● WiFi to all common areas and fibre directly to each home

Choose a home at Gold Coast Estate or curate the ideal home and start building a life that’s perfectly balanced. Enjoy your home life as much as your professional life and take advantage of onsite remote working facilities and luxury lifestyle amenities.

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