Multi-generational living at Gold Coast Estate

Leaving the nest may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Safe and family-focused estates with facilities for young, old and everyone in between may offer the best environment for big families who choose communal living.


Multi-generational living

A living arrangement with more than two adult generations living under the same roof is called multi-generational living. Benefits of living together as a family in this way include help with childcare or eldercare, sharing financial expenses, dividing homeowner responsibilities, reduced loneliness and strengthened familial bonds.


Family dynamics in South Africa

Many cultures in SA already live as multi-generational households. A popular example is an adult child with their spouse living with parents or in-laws, especially in suburban or rural areas. However, many view the arrangement as temporary until the family grows more, or as a springboard to traditional homeownership as it allows them to save towards a deposit and other costs.


Now there’s an evident shift in attitudes towards staying together for longer in bigger towns, cities and even residential estates where individual homeownership was primarily the trend. Since the COVD-19 pandemic began, many families have had grandparents move in or adult children move home. Some cohabited so grandparents could help with younger children as adults worked from home, others worried about having access to their loved ones in nursing homes with lockdown restrictions in place.


Estate living for big families

Gold Coast Estate has created a place for all generations to live in one holistic estate and enjoy easy access to one another. Understanding that living with extended family can offer both emotional and financial benefits, Gold Coast Estate has been designed to provide individual homes for different generations, respecting the notion of privacy and independence. This is where estate residences come with an upper hand.


Multi-generational living in a resort-like environment like Gold Coast Estate means that your family’s boundaries for relaxing and leisure are not confined to four walls. Facilities on this estate include 500m² private gym, a high-altitude training room, 25-metre lap pool, trails for biking, running or walking, residents’ clubhouse, childrens’ play areas with pools and slides, tennis courts and a restaurant.


The entire estate is an extension of your home and family life: a playground where no day is the same.

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