Trees are Life

Trees are vital to the existence of human life. Without trees we would cease to exist not only because trees sustain many of our natural ecosystems, but because trees produce oxygen.


As a modern city for the future, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct has sustainability at its forefront, and actively seeks to protect and preserve its surrounding natural assets. As a result, Sibaya has a strict mandate which ensures that 60% of the precinct remains undeveloped. Forming part of the no-development green zone, and one of Sibaya’s most valuable assets is the 350-hectare protected coastal forest. This coastal forest is home to a plethora of plant and animal life and is one of the precinct’s most unique features.


Residential estates, like Gold Coast Estate, are designed to enhance and provide managed access to these unique natural assets. As one of Sibaya’s most desirable estates, Gold Coast boasts world-class family facilities within an estate protected by the best in security tech. However, Gold Coast’s appeal does not end there; it’s positioning within the estate means that it offers maximum sea frontage and safe, biometrically controlled access into the forest. Just as Gold Coast Estate’s design enhances Sibaya’s natural assets, in turn the forest enhances the offerings at Gold Coast by providing a pathway through the forest and also down to the beach. By having safe, controlled entry into to the surrounding natural environment, the value of a home within an estate like Gold Coast is increased.


Property developers and buyers alike are coming to realise the importance of sustainability, and with that comes greater demand for a lifestyle which offers access to the natural environment in a sensitive and sustainable way. Buyers want to know that they are investing into something that has a strong sustainability ethos and will therefore retain or increase in value

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