What South Africans are Googling

The Google Trends over the last month have revealed what is foremost on the minds of South Africans as they let their fingers do the talking. We are going to touch on some of these ‘most googled’ topics and how they relate to the future of property and the trends going forward.

Microsoft Teams 

A pretty unknown digital meeting and comms tool has been thrust into the spotlight as the go-to work-from-home communication and sharing platform. Those of us who are working remotely (or rather from home) would have felt the discomfort this brings quite acutely. We could have never anticipated a lockdown of this magnitude and many of us were under-prepared. Our dining room chairs do not provide adequate lumbar support, our makeshift desks are at the wrong height and there’s just too much stuff in the new home office (because it was being used a s spare room-slash-store room before this). People will likely want to have a home office as a ‘just in case’, which is physically suited to their needs and encourages focus and attention on the task at hand.


Schools reopening

This is foremost on the minds of parents, who now, have become teachers at their new home school. With this comes the realisation that their space may be vastly inadequate to support this new culture of learning at home. Along with the home office, we may find that children’s bedrooms will need to be big enough to accommodate a dedicated learning corner with space to store tools and learning materials, and also a desktop computer or tablet and stand.


Global Citizen Together at Home

Everyone is staying at home, even the most famous celebrities. Does that mean staying at home is the new cool thing to do? We certainly cannot seek entertainment elsewhere, so home is where it is at. And we are streaming everything and seem to be connected to the outside world online constantly. We are dependent on fast and seamless internet connectivity to make this happen – and many people would have felt the pain of poor service in this regard. Homes within estates, most often offer fibre as a standard, and a home in a secure estate takes the feeling of ‘home comfort’ to new levels by ensuring people are properly safe 24/7

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