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South Africa’s Google Top 10

Following on from our previous post about what South Africans are asking the internet over the last month, here are some other topics that have been trending and how these will impact the design of our homes in the future.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day where we observe the need for greater protection of our natural environment. As a globally observed day it shows how humanity’s consciousness has shifted away from mass production and consumerism to a more eco-conscious way of living. In the past, people did not call for greater environmental awareness when it came to property developments, and consequently property developers did not either. Today people are asking how they can live in a way that has a positive impact, or at least helps to protect the earth and its ecosystems. In response to this, developers have become more conscious about their practices. What we are seeing is residential developments which incorporate open green spaces, encourage indigenous vegetation, and aim to implement sustainable solutions for our every day energy needs. The Sibaya Coastal Precinct has a 605 no-development mandate and actively works to protects, preserve and rehabilitate; and developments located here, like Gold Coast Estate have supported this endeavour and encourage their residents to recognise that this a collective effort.


Sasol Share price

Like much of the global stock market, Sasol’s share price has plummeted leaving many shareholders in a predicament. Globally, the world stock markets are far too volatile and beholden to a long list of variables which many of us have little control over. What this means is that South Africans will be seeking other ways to grow wealth and find places to put money to make more money. With unprecedented stock market volatility, people are looking for a sure bet and property is it. Property is still one of the top asset classes in South Africa, and if you invest in the right area, you’ll potentially see huge growth. The old adage of ‘location, location, location’ was never more apt, so look to invest in areas, like the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, which offer a blended lifestyle, security, good amenities, and a long-term growth plan.


Repo rate

The lowered interest rate is a catch-22: less interest on debts and loans but also less interest earned on your money in the bank. With a risky stock market, now is a good time to make the leap and put your capital into property and capitalise on the historically low interest rate. Your home loan repayments will be that much lower, also any savvy person will shop around for the best bond (you can also use a bond originator to help you) and opt for a fixed interest rate on their bond

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