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More cash just by moving house

Downsizing your home doesn’t have to be dauting; rather see it as an adventure and the opportunity for many new things. If anything, you’ll find you have more money as a result and that only one of the benefits. Read on to find out more.

Maintenance is not your concern Driveway paving needs fixing? Roof tiles need replacing? Leaves need to be swept off the front lawn? Well, that’s no longer your problem when you live in an estate because the estate takes care of all general maintenance especially in common areas.

Less power doesn’t mean powerless
By having a home smaller than before you’ll also be less reliant on electricity for a host of reason which may be, fewer overhead lights or a smaller air conditioner needed to cool your space. You may even find that your new home comes with split unit AC’s in each room which are really beneficial when it comes to controlling the power consumption of these energy-hungry appliances. Pool pumps chug a lot of energy, and sometimes require to be run for many hours resulting in higher electricity costs. The beauty of buying in an estate with a communal pool is that you needn’t give it a second thought!

Get rid of clutter
The longer you spend in a home, the more stuff you seem to collect. We are all guilty of having more than we need. A smaller home brings a new advantage and that is you literally have less space for the things you really don’t need.

Live your décor dreams
Not only does a new home mean you can get clever with your storage space, but it also gives you the chance to get creative. Maybe this is the time of your life to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do- a bright red wall? Leopard print bed linen? You virtually have a blank canvas!

An enhanced lifestyle
If you’ve bought a freehold home or a sectional title property within an estate, you’ll have access to all the estate facilities on offer such gyms, clubhouses, pools, restaurants and business centres. What’s more is you’ll also get to enjoy the open spaces and green places in perfect safety. In an estate you’ll live the best of both world, complete individual freedom within a secure environment

Downsize your house, not your life

At some stage of your life you may find yourself needing or wanting to downsize. The good thing is that downsizing comes with a host of benefits, and even more so if you opt for a property within an estate.

Downsizing your home doesn’t mean you’re downsizing your life. In fact, you may find that a smaller home frees up more money, more time for you, your hobbies and to spend with loved ones. Either way there are many benefits to be had.

You’ll definitely save money
Your municipal rates are calculated, in part, on the sheer square-meterage of your property. So, it follows that if your home is smaller, your rates will be lower, and you’ll actually save money. When you decide to downsize and you’ve found your ideal new home, why not do a cost calculation just to get an idea of how much you’ll be saving as a result of the move.

Greater sense of security
We mean physical security. In smaller home there are generally fewer access points for intruders. Not only that but you’ll also spend less on installing security infrastructure too. Buying a home in a residential estate provides even greater benefits in that you pay no extra for security, seen in the likes of high-tech access control, manned gatehouses, patrol guards, electrified fencing and security camera to name a few. Now with the kids gone and security already in place, you can easily lock up and go on a whim.

Lowered monthly utilities
It’s pretty likely that smaller property means a smaller garden too, and that’s not a bad thing. Firstly, you’ll see a reduction in your monthly water bill and you’ll also use less water- a great way to do your bit for resource conservation! In an estate you’ll have absolutely no need to hire someone to help you maintain your garden because landscaping and gardening is provided by the estate already.

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