7 Best Features of a Family Estate

We’re building a bigger family estate at Gold Coast Estate. It’s not just the size of the homes, our estate is geared towards family with space for kids to run free. There is over 75km of walking and running trails, an estate sports facility, restaurant and more features in development for 2023.

We know family is the greatest inspiration. A simple walk along the estate pathways can become an adventure, creating races, playing games of eye spy or simply chatting about your day. We’re developing Gold Coast Estate to offer families so much more when it comes to activities within the estate.

#1 Our homes

people around a table drinking champagne

What makes our homes a cut above the rest for family-inspired living? Gorgeous outdoor pool decks and balcony spaces for leisure with family. Open-plan kitchen and lounge areas that seamlessly transition to your outdoor entertainment area, equipped with a sunken fire-pit for those cold winter nights with a good cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows for the kids.

Gold Coast Estate homes compliment the natural beauty of the surroundings, not only inviting the outside in, but inviting more families to the estate with beautifully designed homes boasting upwards of 3-bedrooms for the ultimate family base. Set up your own private gym or hobby room in your home. Make use of your garage to store the kids cricket and hockey gear as well as your cars. With multi-functional space comes a world of new possibilities.

#2 Pet-friendly estate

a dog playing in a park at gold coast estate

Your lovable furry friends are welcome in Gold Coast Estate. What is a home without man’s best friend? Pets help us to get outside, exercise and meet the community of other pet lovers in the estate.

Their companionship gives the whole family a shared interest. Kids and parents can take part in daily walks and daily care.

Dogs will love exploring the walking paths through nature in the estate. There are over 200 species of birdlife that will capture their attention. Not to mention the grassy fields and forest areas for exploring.

#3 The restaurant

girls around a table at gold coast estate

Food and family go together, it’s a fact. Therefore creating our own dining option within the estate was so important to us. Families need the option to get away from the kitchen and enjoy time together without the pressures of chopping, cooking and cleaning.

Take a drive down to The Sunset Club, our convenient restaurant in the estate. Join us for coffee, drinks, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dine at our beautiful premises or get a takeout, whatever your choice, you won’t be disappointed!

Check out our website The Sunset Club and make a booking, or order by calling 031-007-0057.

#4 The dam

The dam is in development and coming along swimmingly. Although you won’t be able to swim, we want residents to come out to the dam to enjoy the peace of mind that only being by a body of water can bring. We’re planning to make the dam a prime spot for catch and release fishing, lazing around and picnicking.

You can find the dam alongside the clubhouse. Plans are in place to preserve the setting as a natural wetlands area.

#5 Pools

pool at gold coast estate

We’re designing pools that will take your breath away. A gorgeous wrap around pool with kids’ supertube slides is at the main clubhouse. We expect more development in the works at the outdoor areas around the clubhouse for 2023.

A 25m lap pool is available at the sports facility for those that train hard on a daily basis. For freestanding homes in the estate, at Maui, Bondi, Kirra and Laguna, each home has the option to add a pool, configured to estate guidelines.

#6 Studio space

the studio at gold coast estate

Did you know you can hire studio space at the sports facility? Hire the room for your kids to practice modern dance, ballet, yoga, karate or hold private lessons.

#7 Sport and activity focus

gym at gold coast family estate

We’ve designed Gold Coast Estate to host multiple sites for sports and kids activities. Sport helps kids to learn teamwork, coordination, competition, setting goals and the importance of never giving up. Here are some of the sports that Gold Coast Estate features:

  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Tennis (in development)
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Running

In development

From incredible homes to stunning forest pathways, days spent by the serene dam and sporting activities for the whole family, Gold Coast Estate is at the forefront of modern estate living. As we unlock more nodes within the estate, you can look forward to a proposed medical suite with healthcare facilities and a retail node, which will be within walking access to both North and South of Gold Coast Estate.

If you’re in the market to move to a secure estate that will inspire family moments, then the Gold Coast lifestyle is for you. Visit the Devmco Realty Office at Marine Walk Shopping Centre to chat in person with a development consultant or contact us through the website.

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