Homes of The Future with Integrated Technology

Technology can be fully integrated into the modern home for absolute convenience, energy and water optimisation as well as to achieve high-level security.

When it comes to state-of-the-art, technologically driven homes, Gold Coast Estate is cutting-edge. Knowing that security is a priority for all South Africans, our premium North Coast development uses an array of technology and ground forces to ensure you and your family can enjoy a secure, family-focused home.

Located in the serene Sibaya Coastal Precinct, Gold Coast Estate boasts luxury and seaside living that offers up a piece of paradise. There are outstanding 180-degree sea views, stunning tranquil sunrises and coastal charms.

Estate security

Gold Coast Estate offers a range of premium facilities and functions. The stellar location is bolstered by top-notch security features that include optional CCTV surveillance for your home and 24-hour security at the estate gatehouse.

In partnership with a leading private security company, we have expertly layered the security, which includes routine perimeter checks, patrols and skilled guards from the best in the business. Specialising in gated community defense, our security offering guarantees the safety of residents and visitors through control of biometric access entrances.

Meanwhile, patrol teams incorporate the use of RFID and GPS tags to maintain a check-in system that ensures the perimeter is being checked routinely. The technology ensures a safe and effortless experience for all.

South Africa’s first no-touch system

Gold Coast Estate introduces the country’s first completely contact-less security system. Located at the gatehouse, the no-touch biometric reader is the first layer of Gold Coast Estate’s already-robust and multi-layered estate security. The developers of Gold Coast Estate, Devmco Group have innovation weaved into their DNA so introducing something entirely new, innovative and unseen was just a matter of sourcing the right system.

Charles Thompson, Director at Devmco Group says, “Innovation has always been at the forefront of what we do; and this aligns with our future-proofing promise to plan 5-10 years ahead. This technology is not readily available in SA – we had to source it from abroad, which took some time as we had to ensure that the system was not only the right one, and provide the back-up support in terms of vital data storage (we have to know who has come in and out), checking, regular testing, maintenance and repairs. We are keeping our promise of top-tier security within a bespoke estate for families and we pride ourselves at being ahead of the curve; we have sourced, imported and implemented South Africa’s first no-touch biometric system at absolutely no extra cost to our homeowners.”


Integrating technology within your home can mean including a few clever gadgets to substantially help reduce your water and power consumption.

Consider these tips:

  • Reduce the temperature on your geyser thermostat. This can help to reduce your electricity consumption.
  • Install a water-wise shower head or a shower timer to help reduce water consumption.

Power down

A handy device to monitor electricity consumption is a Wi-Fi plug. This is a plug for your device before you plug it into the wall socket. It allows you, via an app, to turn off your home appliances wherever you are.

The Wi-Fi plug and the accompanying app can help you become more aware of what appliances you really do use the most. Using apps to monitor energy consumption and automate the home is definitely a trend of the future that we’re keen to know more about!

Your home at Gold Coast Estate

Working with our development team, you can design a home that is automated and energy efficient. Within the architectural guidelines, there are options to install solar power and water tanks to help you live at the forefront of some of the most cutting-edge technology.

For more information on the integrated technology and energy-saving features in Gold Coast Estate, contact us or visit the Devmco Realty office at the newly opened Marine Walk Shopping Centre.

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